Are you TIRED of feeling OVERWHELMED by nutrition?

If you’re experiencing symptoms like brain fog, dizziness, fatigue, headaches, indigestion, bloating, nausea, or afternoon crashes – recognize that these symptoms are signals broadcasting that something is out of balance. Are you ready to tune in and take action?

A Holistic Approach
to Your Bio-Individual Needs

As a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), I am qualified to conduct an in-depth analysis of your health history and current symptoms to provide recommendations that will bring your body back into balance so that it can support and heal itself. NTPs are trained to focus on the foundations of health: Digestion, blood sugar, mineral balance, hydration, fatty acids, and, of course, a properly prepared, whole foods, nutrient-dense diet. We’ll also explore stress and stressors, sleep quality, movement, thoughts, and ~energy. Together, we’ll agree to practical steps at a pace that flows with your lifestyle.

It’s time to break free from unhealthy habits, a busy mind, restrictive diets, and feeling like crap.

Areas We’ll Explore


First things first, what kind of food are you eating and how are you eating it? Are you distracted, stressed, or in a hurry? You’ll fill out a Food & Mood Journal that will allow us to clearly see what foods may be causing you momentary grief (food sensitivities aren’t forever!), what tweaks we could make, and what patterns may be contributing to imbalances.

Thoughts & Energy

Our thoughts and energy affect us on a cellular level and can cause a cascade of symptoms from indigestion to chronic pain. This is an important piece of the puzzle that we will address in each session.

Movement & Lifestyle

There are certain systems of the body that cannot properly function unless you’re moving! We’ll discuss how to incorporate movement into your life as well as simple lifestyle changes that can help you feel more centered and aligned throughout your day.

Supplements & Herbs

Sometimes the body could use a little extra support. Based on your bio-individual needs, I will make recommendations for supplements and herbs that can jumpstart the healing process.

I’m Jamie, Your Traveling NTP. Think of me as a guide on your journey to feeling good. Let’s take a trip back to your body and explore the universe within.

What Clients Are Saying

“I appreciated that Jamie broke down complex issues, information, and explanations into clear, understandable, and actionable items. After our calls she would send a summary of what was discussed, the recommendations, and helpful handouts I could go back and reference. I have definitely felt a lot of improvement in how I feel, I don’t have the intense brain fog and exhaustion, daily stomach issues, the afternoon headaches, and general crappiness. I feel generally better throughout the day which has helped me feel motivated and energized enough to start a workout routine and put more thought and effort into what I’m eating.”

– Chelsea C.,
Austin, TX

“Working with Jamie was a dream. I came in knowing truly little to nothing about nutrition as a whole or what the process of working alongside an NTP would be like, and Jamie made the entire experience fun, enlightening, and as stress free as possible. She is not only knowledgeable about the subject, but a really great partner to have on your team in your wellness journey. Jamie’s disposition allowed me to be honest and completely transparent with her about my struggles, doubts, and questions without ever feeling judged. After working with Jamie and getting on a regiment of new vitamins and supplements, as well as some learnings about how some things affect my sleeping, I’ve been sleeping better than I have in months. I can’t tell you how much this has changed my mood, my recovery time, and overall outlook on my days.”

– Critter B.,
Austin, TX