Feel physically and mentally fit.

The Empowered Energy System is for exhausted and overwhelmed people who want to break unhealthy habits and know how to serve their Higher Self without feeling restricted.

At the end of the program you’ll know what foods will nourish, heal, and support YOUR body.
You’ll have clean, consistent, stable energy.
You’ll find balance and resilience.
You’ll be empowered with the knowledge you need to continue to create sustainable change.  
And most importantly, you’ll feel good in your body.

“I have definitely felt a lot of improvement in how I feel, I don’t have the intense brain fog and exhaustion, daily stomach issues, the afternoon headaches, and general crappiness. I feel generally better throughout the day which has helped me feel motivated and energized enough to start a workout routine and put more thought and effort into what I’m eating.

– Chelsea C.

Working with Jamie was a dream. She is not only knowledgeable about the subject, but a really great partner to have on your team on your wellness journey. I’ve been sleeping better than I have in months. I can’t tell you how much this has improved my mood, my recovery time, and overall outlook on my days.

– Critter B.

If you have been moving through low energy and stubborn weight, and are tired of feeling stuck, overwhelmed, anxious, groggy, unmotivated, and full of self-doubt – let me be your guide on your journey to feeling good.

Because you should feel good. 

It is my aim to guide you back to your body by providing a clear plan of action to create sustainable change.

Are you ready to transform into the physically and mentally fit, balanced and resilient, intuitive being you are?

I’m looking for a limited number of people to join this beta program (at a beta price!). Enrollment is now open until March 12, 2023.

“Before working with Jamie I was lacking motivation & direction when it came to working on my nutrition. I am getting better sleep and have more energy throughout my day. I have less crashes throughout the day.”

“Jamie was very personable and relatable. She catered each step to my personal case and made sure I was comfortable with any additions to my plan before adding them. She never felt pushy or judgmental.”

– Larkin C.

The Empowered Energy System Provides:

A CLEAR PATH forward with custom recommendations based on your unique case targeted at balancing your energy levels, healing and sealing your gut, and curing digestive system woes.
• 1:1 Discovery Sessions
• Full analysis with 300+ questionnaire
• Short and long term action steps that will get you to your health goals

GUIDANCE – You ultimately know what will work for you. I am here to help guide you back to your body and intuition.
• Weekly check in calls in an intimate, group setting
• Ability to chat online 1:1 and with other members of the group
• Accountability to keep you on track

EMPOWERMENT to step into your transformation with the knowledge and tools necessary for sustainable change.
• Online educational modules
• Healthy habit implementation
• Integration of habits


Without someone digging into your specific concerns and habits – knowing which step to take can feel overwhelming. As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I am qualified to conduct an in-depth analysis of your health history and current symptoms to provide recommendations that will bring your body back into balance so that it can support and heal itself.

If you’re ready to learn more apply today to book a discovery call!